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The 2015 tax season is in full swing and all taxpayers are reminded to send in their tax documents to enable seamless filing of tax returns.

Jacqueline is processing many returns and we thank you for your assistance with her queries.


Just an early reminder that non provisional taxpayer deadline is end of November, while provisional taxpayers the deadline is end of January 2016.

…and then straight into provisional tax mode which is end of February 2016.

I attach some tax saving strategies that we will be looking to either implement or re look during 2016 to ensure our clients are tax efficient.



I attach an article on how to go about franchising as a method of expansion for your business. This is relevant to many of us and the article explains the process of how to implement.



When you receive our financial statements, we tend to focus on the Income Statement and then maybe the Balance Sheet. However, arguably the most important document, the Cash Flow statement is the one that never gets looked at.

Review our article on how to read a cash flow statement – and then calculate the cash conversion ratio to see how effectively you are turning profits into cash.

Finally, from the Finsolve Team, we would like to thank you all for your support and assistance over the past year. Have a wonderful festive season over December and remember to drive safe!



Gavin Beretta

November / December 2015


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