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Herewith our MAY newsletter for your information.


Please note we have recently launched a new service of Tax Dispute Management. There is a large demand from clients to have their tax affairs resolved, specifically referring to tax debt write offs and repayment of debt plans.

SARS is relentless in perusing its outstanding debt and this service will assist you in safely and professionally managing the issues around this.

Wendy Walters, has over 20 years’ SARS experience in dealing with, inter alia, compromises and repayments plans, and brings with her, the insight of how SARS operates when dealing with these requests.

Please note that this service is charged independently from your standard services fees.

Other Tax Services offered include:

  • E-filing
  • VAT Registration and Returns
  • PAYE Registration and Returns
  • Submission of Employee Tax Info
  • Provisional Tax Returns
  • SARS Disputes, Audits & Compromises

Attached document, “Demystifying Accounting” that you can refer to as a guide to understanding financial statements. It’s an easy read and to the point. Please read through the document (only 15 pages), which covers the following areas:

  • Importance of Cash Flow
  • Cash Flow vs. Profit
  • Working Capital Cycle
  • Managing Debtors
  • Managing Suppliers
  • Managing Inventory (Stock)

The emphases is on cashflow.

Content compiled by
Gavin Beretta – Financial Director
FinSolve – Registered Accountants,
Business Valuation and Tax Practitioners

May 2016