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Merge of GPG Financial Services with that of the Finsolve Group.

We are excited to announce that over the coming months you will see the merge of GPG Financial Services with that of the Finsolve Group. This is a logical progression as GPG Financial Services grows and expands year on year. My role within the Group remains as always, one of consultation and client relationship management.

The benefits to you our client, is that you will be dealing with an established entity with an infrastructure that can support all of you accounting, tax and valuation requirements in a holistic manner.

Apart from one or two new faces, there will be very little outward change to you, but we anticipate that our service levels and our response times will be enhanced with our dedicated staff.

We look forward to this new development and assure you, that the impact on yourselves will be minimal from a transition point of view. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact me directly.



See our article on the importation of electronic services and the vat impact – a new development that requires service providers to register for vat with SARS.

Also note that the 2015 tax season is now open, and we will be filing your tax returns for 2015. We are also providing tax courses to bring your up to date on the current tax environment – tax free savings, medical aid claims etc – see attached Tax Tracey flyer sent out by our Finsolve Group.

We will also shortly be announcing the process of compiling the 2016 provisional tax process – the first instalment in the process. This has to be completed by end August. We have employed Jacqueline who will be making contact with you regarding your tax liabilities during this period.  If you can start thinking about your 2016 February year end position!


Credit Management

As some of our clients are already aware, we are busy with the implementation of our credit collection process to speed up payment of outstanding monies. No business can sustain itself if its cash flows are under pressure, thus the need for our initiative – Melanie has been phoning and we appreciate your response to her calls…….please accept that this is a normal but important business activity.



This month we have an article about bequeathing loans to your trust and the implications thereof. This is the position where the trust owes a loan to you as the individual – what happens on your death to these loans owed?




July 2015

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