Finsolve Accounting & Tax Solutions provides a weekly Market Review letter to clients, which provides a view on the status of the Market, Sectors and individual shares. The review covers both the US Market and the South African market, and will on a periodic basis refer to other markets around the world which may be of importance to the current analysis.

The objective of the weekly letter is to provide investors with a guideline on when to be fully invested in the equity market, and when to begin taking profits and move into cash, before significant retracements and change in trend direction occur.

The average duration of a position is from 4 months and sometimes longer, allowing the medium term investor to take full advantage of the prevailing trend.

Additionally, selected share selections are discussed and recommended for investing, and importantly, allows the client to monitor their positions with Gavin, from entry to exiting the position.

The service provides the client with three levels of support:

1.       The weekly market review letter, which  covers share selection, entry and eventual exit out of the position, plus overall market and sector analysis

2.       Full access to Gavin to discuss the markets and share selections and advice

3.       Coaching workshops that provide the investor with insight into the market and investing methodology, allowing clients to take ownership for their own decision making, or simply to communicate with Gavin, using the “same language”.

*Gavin’s record over the past 3 years reflects a success rate of 70% plus, and returns well in excess of inflation and money markets.

Gavin is a qualified Market Technician, and uses traditional technical analysis to invest in the market, using a well tested and successful method of investing that allows clients to grow their capital with positions aligned with the intermediate (medium term) trend, both  up and down.

For more active traders, the service provides shorter term trading selections, which are covered in the Review letter, under the “Trader’s page” section. Again, the service provides support from entry to exit on all trades initiated. The average duration of these trades is approximately one month, but can be shorter or longer depending on market conditions.

Gavin is an affiliate of the MTA (Market Technicians Association), based in New York, holding the CMT (Chartered Market Technician) qualification.

Gavin is affiliated with a well respected national Equity and Financial Service provider which provides stock brokerage facilities to clients who require this functionality.


Stage 1 is the basing phase that takes place before an important advance gets underway.

Once the base is completed and the stock breaks out above its resistance level, as well as its moving average, it enters Stage 2, which is the Advancing phase. As long as all rallies move to new highs and reactions hold above prior lows (as well as the 30 wk. moving average), the stock is in Stage 2 and investors should stay with the position.
Eventually, a pattern starts to unfold which is just the opposite of what took place in the Stage 1 base. Now it trends sideways as it nears the moving average and rallies no longer move to new highs.

A Stage 3 potential top formation is now unfolding and once it breaks below its support level, as well as its moving average, it enters Stage 4, which is the declining (destructive) phase.

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Reference: Stan Weinstein